• Metalaxyl CAS 57837-19-1 Highly Effective Fungicide

  • Metalaxyl CAS 57837-19-1 Highly Effective Fungicide

Metalaxyl CAS 57837-19-1 Highly Effective Fungicide

Metalaxyl is a phenylamide fungicide, first developed by Swiss Cibajiagi Company (now Syngenta), in the 1990s for Jiangsu Baolin Chemical Co., Ltd. patented exclusive production of a new type of highly efficient internal fungicide. Can be sucked into the plant Chemicalbook, water solubility is much higher than the general fungicide. It has selective effects on downomyces and phytophthora in oomyce

Product Description

Product Name                   Metalaxyl
CAS 57837-19-1
MF C15H21NO4             
EINECS 260-979-7
MW 279.33
Soluble 1.1083
MOQ 1kg
COA offer



Metalaxyl is a highly effective fungicide that is commonly used in the agricultural industry to control a wide range of fungal diseases in various crops. It belongs to the chemical class of phenylamides and is known for its systemic and protective action against many types of fungi.

Metalaxyl acts by inhibiting the biosynthesis of a key component of the fungal cell wall, leading to the disruption of the fungal growth and spore production. This mechanism of action makes it an ideal choice for controlling diseases caused by fungi, such as downy mildew, late blight, root rot, damping-off, and leaf spot.

One of the major advantages of Metalaxyl is its systemic action. It is taken up by the plant system and is distributed to all parts, including the leaves, stems, and roots. This ensures that the entire plant is protected against fungal infections, even areas that may not be directly exposed to the fungicide. The systemic action of Metalaxyl makes it highly effective in preventing the spread of diseases within the plant and from one plant to another.

Metalaxyl also offers a protective action against fungal diseases. It forms a protective barrier on the plant surface, preventing the entry and establishment of fungal pathogens. This protective action is particularly beneficial during the early stages of plant growth when the plants are more vulnerable to fungal infections. By applying Metalaxyl early on, farmers can significantly reduce the risk of crop losses due to fungal diseases.

In addition to its systemic and protective action, Metalaxyl has a broad spectrum of activity, making it effective against a wide variety of fungal pathogens. It is commonly used to control diseases in crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, citrus, onions, peppers, and turfgrass. Metalaxyl is especially effective against oomycetes, a group of destructive fungi that cause devastating diseases in many crops. It can effectively control diseases caused by pathogens such as Phytophthora, Pythium, and Plasmopara.

Furthermore, Metalaxyl is known for its excellent rainfastness. Once applied to the plants, it quickly binds to the plant tissues, making it resistant to washing off by rain or irrigation. This ensures that the fungicide remains effective, providing long-lasting protection against fungal diseases, even under adverse weather conditions.

Metalaxyl is available in various formulations, including liquid concentrates and granules, making it easy to apply. It can be applied as a foliar spray, seed treatment, or as a soil drench, depending on the crop and the target disease. Farmers and growers should carefully follow the recommended application rates and timing for optimal efficacy.

When using Metalaxyl, it is important to apply it responsibly and in accordance with local regulations and label instructions. This includes following recommended safety precautions for handling, storage, and disposal. It is also advisable to rotate the use of Metalaxyl with other fungicides to prevent the development of resistance in fungal populations.

In conclusion, Metalaxyl is a highly effective systemic and protective fungicide widely used in agriculture to control a broad range of fungal diseases. Its ability to provide long-lasting protection, even under adverse weather conditions, makes it an indispensable tool for farmers and growers. By using Metalaxyl responsibly and as part of an integrated disease management approach, farmers can effectively protect their crops and maximize yields.

Metalaxyl CAS 57837-19-1 Highly Effective Fungicide

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