• Chenodeoxycholic acid   CAS:474-25-9

  • Chenodeoxycholic acid   CAS:474-25-9

Chenodeoxycholic acid CAS:474-25-9

Storage condition :room temp
Solubility: almost insoluble in water
Form: powder

Product Description

Properties: goodeoxycholic acid is white or grayish white solid at room temperature and pressure, almost insoluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, ice acetic acid, slightly soluble in chloroform.

Application: goose deoxycholic acid is a bioactive molecule extracted from the bile of chicken, duck, goose, etc., which can be used to prevent and treat cholesterol gallstones and hyperlipidemia, and also has a certain effect on bile pigment stones and mixed stones. In addition, the compound can be used to investigate the substrate range of newly discovered organic reactions in the study of organic synthesis methodology, and has certain applications in basic biochemistry research.

Chemical properties: This product is extracted from chicken, duck, goose and other bile by Chemicalbook. White or light yellow crystalline powder; Bitter, smelly. Mp141-142℃. Soluble in ethanol, chloroform and glacial acetic acid, almost insoluble in water. This product can reduce the synthesis and secretion of cholesterol, reduce the total cholesterol output in bile, thereby improving bile's ability to dissolve cholesterol, promote the cholesterol dissociation of stones and achieve stone dissolving effect. This product has a high concentration in the gallbladder after oral administration, and can be repeated hepatoenteric circulation. This product is easily decomposed by bacteria in the gut, producing metabolites with liver toxicity.


dissolving gallstone medicine. It is used for the prevention and treatment of cholesterol gallstones and hyperlipidemia, and also has a certain effect on bile pigment stones and mixed stones. It is effective for patients with mild symptoms, good gallbladder function and no obstruction of biliary tract. Long-term use of mild Chemicalbook diarrhea, a few patients may have itching, dizziness, nausea and abdominal distension, some patients may induce biliary colic and temporary elevated aminotransferase. Pregnant women, women of childbearing age, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, gastric and duodenal ulcer, hepatitis and biliary obstruction are prohibited.

It is a dissolving agent for cholesterol gallstones. It is mainly used to prevent and treat cholesterol cholelithiasis.

It is mainly used as an intermediate of ursodeoxycholic acid.

Biochemical research; For the synthesis of ursodeoxycholic acid; Cholelithiolysis agent for stones caused by high cholesterol, cholangitis and cholecystitis

A bile acid synthesized by cholesterol in the liver, a and selective DD2 inhibitor.

Method 1: Preparation of fresh or frozen chicken (or duck, goose) bile by barium chloride method, add 1/10 times the amount of industrial sodium hydroxide, heat and boil 20-24h, constantly add the amount of evaporated water, cool, add equal volume of hydrochloric acid, adjust pH2-3, black paste appears, remove, wash to nearly neutral, obtain total bile acid. Chicken (goose, duck) bile [NaOH, boiling]→ saponification liquid [HCl,pH2]→ Preparation of total bile acid CDCA barium salt Total bile acid plus 2x 95% ethanol, plus 50-100g/L activated carbon, heating reflux for 2h, filtration while hot, after cooling the filtrate, extraction with equal volume of No. 120 gasoline 2-3 times, standing stratification. The lower layer is reduced pressure and concentrated, ethanol is recovered, and paste is obtained. Add a lot of water, precipitate, and wash the precipitate with water until the washing liquid is nearly colorless; add twice the amount of ethanol, add 50g/L sodium hydroxide alcohol solution, heat the reflux for 1-2h, adjust the pH8-8.5; add 150g/L barium chloride solution, twice the amount of paste, heat the reflux for 2h, filter it while it is hot, and distillate the filtrate to recover the ethanol, until the contents appear crystal film or turbidity. Stop heating, cool, precipitate needle-like crystals, after the crystals are complete, pump and filter, obtain white CDCA barium salt crystals, wash, if necessary, recrystallize with 65%-70% ethanol, dry under pressure, obtain CDCA barium salt. Total bile acid [ethanol]→[120# gasoline]CDCA crude [BaCl2Chemicalbook,pH8]→CDCA barium salt Preparation of CDCA finished product CDCA barium salt is ground, suspended with 15 times the amount of water, adding slightly excess sodium carbonate, heating reflux, filtering while hot, cooling, and filtering again. Add hydrochloric acid to adjust pH2-3, precipitate, filter, wash precipitation with water to nearly neutral, vacuum drying, CDCA quality. Add ethyl acetate to recrystallize 1-2 times to obtain CDCA crystallization, vacuum drying, CDCA finished product. CDCA barium salt [Na2CO3,HCl]→CDCA fine [ethyl acetate]CDCA crystallization [drying]→CDCA finished product Method 2, calcium chloride salt method Preparation of total calcium cholate fresh chicken (or duck, goose) bile 100kg, placed in a stainless steel pot, according to the bile volume of 100g/L add sodium hydroxide solid, stir dissolved. Heat and boil for 24h to obtain saponification solution, stir and add 12kg calcium chloride, precipitate, centrifuge, collect precipitate, and obtain total calcium cholate salt. Chicken (duck and goose) [NaOH]→[boiling for 24h] saponification solution [CaCl2]→ Preparation and separation of total calcium cholate CDCA fine products, dissolving total calcium cholate salt with water, discarding water insoluble matter, adding 6mol/L hydrochloric acid to the aqueous solution to adjust pH3, precipitating goose deoxycholic acid precipitation, filtration, concentration, crystallization, vacuum drying at 80℃ to obtain CDCA fine products. Total calcium cholate [water]→ Calcium deoxycholate [HCl, ethyl acetate]→[pH3]CDCA boutique.

Chenodeoxycholic acid   CAS:474-25-9



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