• 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A CAS:83602-43-1

10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A CAS:83602-43-1

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Product Description

Introducing 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A:

10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A is a groundbreaking pharmaceutical compound that holds immense potential in the field of medicine. This innovative product is a synthetic derivative of cyclosporin, a widely recognized immunosuppressant drug used in organ transplant recipients and patients with autoimmune diseases. However, this novel compound goes beyond its predecessor, offering enhanced efficacy and an improved safety profile. With its unique chemical composition and mechanism of action, 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A is set to revolutionize the treatment landscape for multiple medical conditions.

At its core, 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A retains the immune modulatory properties of cyclosporin, inhibiting T-cell activation and therefore reducing immune responses. However, it outperforms cyclosporin in terms of specificity, potency, and safety. Through chemical modification, this novel compound demonstrates better selectivity towards target cells and a higher affinity for the immune-related proteins, resulting in heightened therapeutic activity.

One of the remarkable features of 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A lies in its ability to effectively treat autoimmune diseases while minimizing deleterious side effects. By targeting specific immune cells responsible for driving the disease pathology, this compound attenuates the exaggerated immune response without compromising the overall immunity of the patient. This improved selectivity not only enhances the efficacy of the drug but also reduces the risk of opportunistic infections and long-term complications often associated with traditional immunosuppressant therapies.

Another advantage of this new derivative is its improved pharmacokinetic properties. 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A exhibits enhanced bioavailability, meaning that a smaller dose can be administered to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. This not only reduces the economic burden on patients but also mitigates the potential for toxicity-related complications, such as nephrotoxicity. Additionally, the compound showcases an extended half-life, resulting in longer-lasting action and reduced frequency of administration, thereby enhancing patient compliance and convenience.

Furthermore, 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A demonstrates promising potential as an adjunct therapy for organ transplant recipients. The compound's immunosuppressive activity helps prevent graft rejection and provides a favorable microenvironment for successful transplantation. Its improved safety profile minimizes the risk of complications, allowing patients to experience greater long-term graft function and survival rates.

Beyond autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation, 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A shows considerable promise in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions. For instance, preliminary studies indicate its efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. By modulating the immune response, this compound can potentially alleviate inflammation and associated symptoms, enhancing the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide.

In summary, 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A is a groundbreaking pharmaceutical compound that offers significant advantages over traditional immunosuppressive therapies. Its enhanced selectivity, improved safety profile, and extended half-life set it apart from its predecessor, cyclosporin. With its ability to modulate the immune response while minimizing toxicity, this innovative product is poised to revolutionize the treatment landscape for autoimmune diseases, organ transplantation, and inflammatory conditions. As further research and clinical trials progress, we can anticipate 10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A becoming a cornerstone of modern medical treatment, improving patient outcomes, and changing lives.


10-(N-Methyl-D-valine)isocyclosporin A CAS:83602-43-1

  1. Inner double plastic bags----25kg/Fiber drum (35*35*45cm, GW: 28kg, NW: 25kg); 

  2. Inner double plastic bags----5kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 6.5kg, NW: 5kg). 

  3. Inner double plastic bags----1kg/Aluminum foil bag (GW: 1.5kg, NW: 1kg). 

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Our company specializes in processing and selling chemical raw materials, chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary medicine intermediates, dye intermediates, pigments, cosmetics raw materials and chemical reagents,  
Our company has a number of sales team, service and information feedback vertical integration of a sound marketing network, products are sold throughout the country and exported to South Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other more than 20 countries and regions.  
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Hebei Nengqian Chemical Import and Export Co., LTD.. is located in xingtai City, Hebei Province, China. It is a biotechnology enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of animal and plant extracts, cosmetics, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. The company has complete experimental facilities. And advanced testing instruments ensure the stability of product quality from all aspects. The company has a complete sales service system, the products are exported to countries all over the world, and have won a good international reputation with excellent quality and excellent service.
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1. Are you a trade company or factory   
We are a  factory with our own trading company.  
1.How do you control the quality   
Our factory is equipped with professional technicians to control quality, out inspectors take sample for testing every 2 hours to ensure the quality of our production. We also accept BV, SGS or any other Third-party inspection.   
2. How long is lead time  
We deliver goods within 3 days for small order, 7-10 days for bulk order.   
3. Where is your factory located How can I visit the factory   
 Our factory located in WEIFANG, China. It is only two hours from QINGDAO.  

6. Can i get some samples 
  Yes, we can supply free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers. 

7. How to start orders or make payments 
  Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of order, enclosed our bank information.Payment by T/T, Western Union 

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  You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples. 
  You can send us your product specifications and requests,we will manufacture the products according to your requests. 
9. How long is lead time
We deliver goods within 3 days for small order, 7-10 days for bulk order.

10. How do you treat quality complaint
  First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a realquality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.

Our advantages:

1. High quality and competitive price:

1) Standard: BP/USP/EP/ enterprise standard

2) All purity ≥99%

3) We are manufacturers and can provide high quality products at factory prices.

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We have stock to transfer.

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1. Fast delivery: We can deliver within 24 hours after receiving your payment.
2. Quality can be promised. It sells well all over the world.
3. Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, t/t
4. Always provide free samples.
5. Keep track of your orders. Keep you informed of further updates on your order.
6. Packaging: Professional packaging, professional materials.

Our company specializes in processing and selling chemical raw materials, chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary drug intermediates, dye intermediates, pigments, cosmetic raw materials and chemical reagents.

Our company has a group of sales team, service and information feedback vertical integration of perfect marketing network, products are sold all over the country and exported to South Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Companies adhering to the "pursuit of quality, innovation and development" business philosophy, service as the fundamental, quality of survival, technology and development, adhere to the quality first, fair price, good customer service awareness and responsibility. In the future, Hebei Can Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. will always uphold the business philosophy of "integrity and innovation", achieve integrity management, and keep moving forward on the road of specialization and internationalization!

Are you a trading company or a factory? We are a factory with our own trading company.

How do you control quality
Our factory is equipped with professional technical personnel to control the quality, every 2 hours with external inspectors sampling test, to ensure the quality of our production. We are also subject to BV, SGS or any other third party inspection.
How long is the delivery time
We can deliver small orders within 3 days and large orders within 7-10 days.
Where is your factory? How can I visit the factory
Our factory is located in Weifang, China. Only two hours' drive from Qingdao.

6. Can I have some samples
Yes, we can provide free samples, but the freight will be paid by our customers.

7. How to start an order or pay After confirming the order will first send a proforma invoice with our bank details attached. Pay by T/T
, Western Union

8. How to confirm product quality before placing an order
You can get samples of some products for free, you just need to pay for shipping or arrange to have them delivered to us and picked up.
You can send us your product specifications and requirements and we will manufacture the products according to your requirements.

9. What is the time of delivery

We ship small orders within 3 days and large orders within 7-10 days.




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