An OEM factory is a factory that produces products for the brand side, not a factory that produces fake and shoddy products, so the products produced are absolutely of high quality.


At present, in order to save costs to a greater extent, our brand will choose to remove the factory after making a popular brand. As long as the R&D team, supervision team and sales team are left, the cost of the production team can be saved and invested in the research and development, and the production of products can be handed over to the OEM factory.


The basic conditions are:

1. The entrusting Party

(1) Excellent technical output ability;

(2) Excellent brand image;

(3) extensive market network;

(4) Product development ability;

(5) Technical control ability.


2. Manufacturer

(1) Excess and excellent manufacturing capacity;

(2) Sincere willingness to cooperate;

(3) Strong control of the market direction.

We will enter the international market, participate in international competition, and we will continue to scale production, reduce costs, ensure the best quality products at the lowest prices.

We will also arrange the staff in the factory to gradually learn experience, improve management, step by step product innovation, enhance their own ability, to give customers the best purchase and cooperation experience!

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